A 26-year old man from China has plunged to his death from a 62-story building after a “rooftopping” stunt went wrong. Wu Yongning had considered himself China’s first rooftopper and regularly filmed himself climbing various structures for his online fans.

On the live-streaming video site Volcano, Wu had posted 300 videos and had over a million followers. He live-streamed over 215 videos of himself performing stunts at treacherous heights and received around 55,000 yuan, or $8300, for doing so.

Wu had previously been a low-paid background actor in Chinese movies before deciding to give video blogging a try earlier this year. In only ten months, he created a loyal following online and realized that he could make much more money than he ever done as an actor.

Wu’s fans loved his rooftopping videos, so he traveled throughout the country, climbing China’s tallest structures and performing stunts to provide himself and his family with a better life.

Some of Wu’s most popular stunts included performing a one-armed handstand from 70 stories above the ground on top of the Sun Moon Light Plaza in Chongquing. He also walked along a tiny ledge on top of the 68-story Yuexiu Fortune Center in Wuhan.