Just when you thought that 2017 was the most progressive year for inclusivity, something comes along to remind you that diversity is still a foreign land not yet fully explored.

For example, when fashion retailer ASOS made headlines for refusing to edit their model’s stretch marks, the world was too busy focusing on the fact that Victoria’s Secret had yet again failed to employ a plus-size model for their annual fashion show.

However, while there are those that argue in favor of Victoria’s Secret’s decision, there is nobody willing to defend this retailer’s monumental mistake…

The advertisement depicts two thin models, who appear to have been plucked directly from the monotonous catwalk, demonstrating the stretch capabilities of a pair of plus-size tights.

They flaunt the extra room available in the tights by using their hands to push the material to its limit, in a move which many have slammed for the way in which it degrades plus-size women.

The advert instantly caused controversy online as outraged people voiced their opinion on the misjudged shoot. “So, nobody actually thought this was an awful way to advertise these ‘plus size tights’ during the meeting? Nobody?” wrote one bemused Twitter user.