This year will always be remembered as the year that women stirred things up. From the Women’s March in protest of Donald Trump’s presidential victory to the public dressing down of many of Hollywood’s most powerful figures amidst the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

But there are other elements of womanhood that people are apparently not ready for yet. The main one being body hair.

Many high-profile women have been trying to make it happen, from Paris Jackson to Miley Cyrus, but it hasn’t quite caught on.

However, society’s hatred of female armpit hair could be set to change after supermodel of the moment 22-year-old Gigi Hadid debuted her fuzzy underarms in her highly-anticipated shoot for LOVE magazine’s advent calendar.

The model ignited a furious debate online as people argued over the shoot, offering their opinions on the trend.

Many predicted that a blanket of body fluff would become the new must-have accessory for 2018 now that Gigi Hadid has endorsed the movement. Meanwhile, others were disgraced by the shoot, which they claimed to be nothing more than a publicity stunt.

“They use this ‘armpit hair’ to make controversy. This is for publicity!! That [is] all,” wrote one user upon viewing the video clip of the blonde beauty ‘working out’ for her contribution to the advent calendar, which also features models such as Kendall Jenner and Ashley Graham.