Kids’ birthday parties can get surprisingly rowdy.

Whether it’s the number of kids running around or their parents behaving even worse than children, neighbors might have to deal with a little bit of noise for an afternoon. But most people understand that that’s all it is: an afternoon. Putting up with a small annoyance once a year to make some small kids happy is just the neighborlly thing to do.

One man in Florida apparently didn’t get the memo, though, and he wound up doing something that could have hurt the kids who were just trying to enjoy the party.

One minute, the kids, aged 2-3, were all having a great time in the Disney princess-themed bounce house. Then it started collapsing.

The family says everything was “chaos” in the aftermath, and that the kids began crying, with one particularly traumatized by the incident.

As for how it happened, surveillance footage shows a man later identified as a neighbor walking into the backyard and unplugging it from the outlet before walking calmly back across the street.


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