Remember the days when people used to have simple eyebrows that framed their eyes? Things seemed easier back then, didn’t they? Now it’s difficult to keep up with changing trends in eyebrows, and it seems lately the crazier the better!

Sure there have been trends in eyebrows before. The 1980s saw big, bushy brows come into fashion, while the 1990s had eyeliner, pencil-thin brows, often drawn on. Yet things seemed to settle down through the 2000s.

It wasn’t until Cara Delavigne rose to stardom will her full and dark brows that a new trend emerged. People started copying her look, using heavy brow pencils and fillers.

Maybe it was a lack of experience, or perhaps a flair for the dramatic, but many folks stated sporting a look that I would equate with eyes framed by big black rectangular caterpillars.

It seemed from that moment, artificial eyebrow art was in. Brows no longer had to appear natural, and soon all sorts of trends were emerging.

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