You bump into all sorts of characters at the mall, and I’m not just talking about the store mascots who dress up to try and tempt you in. I’m talking about truly strange people – oddities who creep out of their lairs with the intention of wreaking havoc in public places.

The majority of people have witnessed or been involved in a supermarket altercation. From fighting with their fists over discounted goods on Black Friday to arguing over who was first in the queue, some people’s animal instincts seem to kick in whilst shopping.

A perfect example of this was recorded by 22-year-old Jasmine Xiong. She became the victim of an unprovoked racist attack while browsing the shelves of Walmart with her mother on Black Friday.

Xiong who is from Appleton, Wisconsin, was so perplexed by the verbal confrontation that she chose to film it – after all, without video evidence, it’s hard to believe that this actually happened in 2017…

The incident occurred after an “ignorant woman” approached Xiong and her mother, who had been speaking Hmong.

Clearly irritated by their use of an unfamiliar language, the woman confronted them demanding that, “If you live here in America, speak the language.” What happened next, Xiong caught on camera…

The video makes for extremely uncomfortable viewing.

Firstly, the woman seems completely ignorant to the fact that her remark is racist. Secondly, Jasmine speaks to her in a level American accent – ironically, with more fluidity than the unknown woman. Lastly, the woman seems unable to justify her comment.

As she sways in the aisle, the woman attempts to explain how you should speak the language of the country you reside in, seemingly ignoring the fact that Jasmine is able to hold a very lucid conversation with her in fluent English.

Attempting to justify her racism, the woman says that when she travels to Mexico, she speaks Spanish. However, when Jasmine asks her for proof of this, the woman leers at her counting up to 10 in Spanish like a young child.

The video instantly went viral online after Jasmine shared it with her friends.

Many couldn’t understand the woman’s point – in fact, not even the woman herself seemed able to validate it. However, everyone was united in their support of Jasmine and her mother and the way they handled the altercation.

You can check out the confrontation in its entirety below: