Airports are not happy places – even if they transport us to them. They are a breeding ground for passive-aggressive and just plain aggressive people who seem to leave their patience and common decency on the shuttle bus that transported them to the terminal gates.

It doesn’t matter how glamorous your destination is, there is nothing remotely exotic about waiting in a queue at the airport while a man in a high-viz jacket rummages through your personal belongings with a suspicious eye. We all want it to be over as quickly as possible.

We try our best to make our journey through the airport a pleasant experience – whether it be by indulging in a large glass of fizz in the departure lounge, or a priority boarding pass to help you skip the snaking queue as it shuffles onto the plane.

Sadly, few of us can afford to bump up our ticket to first class. That luxury is reserved for those with plenty of cents in the bank.

You know, the type of people who often wear a suit to fly (why?). The type who carry a briefcase rather than a bulky bag full of duty-free bargains. The type of people who appear to have their hand permanently attached to their iPhone as they make important phone calls.

So when Emmit Eclass Walker joined the priority boarding queue dressed in his hooded sweatshirt, he looked a little out of place. However, the 27-year-old was exactly where he was entitled to be because he had a first class ticket.

But this didn’t stop another passenger from making the rather racist assumption that Walker was in the wrong queue. Oh, yes, that’s right, Walker is black – not that it really matters in this modern world, right? Wrong…