When you think of the X-Men franchise, your mind instantly flashes to Wolverine’s bursting biceps and Mystique’s toned tummy. A young Professor Charles Xavier rarely flashes into your consciousness as an object of your fancy!

Maybe it’s because you respect him too much, or maybe it’s because he has never ripped his own shirt by simply flexing his torso. He is the brains, not the brawn, and, as a result, he lacks that sex appeal that his bulkier comrades boast.

It’s not that 38-year-old James McAvoy, who plays the telepathic mutant, isn’t attractive either.

In fact, there has been huge support for the Scottish actor to be the next James Bond after it was announced that Daniel Craig would not be reprising the role after the release of Spectre (although Craig is now apparently back on board for one final movie).

Despite being tall, dark and handsome, many questioned McAvoy’s credibility as Bond based upon his relatively small frame.

Would he be able to fill the beefy tuxedo vacated by Craig? People were skeptical. But there was no need to question McAvoy’s potential – something which the actor recently proved when he was spotted showcasing his superior physique.

The father-of-one has not been shy and almost agreed with his critics. “I’m five foot seven, and I’ve got pasty white skin,” he once said. “I don’t think I’m ugly, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not your classic lead man, Brad Pitt guy.”

However, that could be all about to change now that he is sporting a much fuller figure in preparation for the Split sequel!