We all face challenges in life. However, being born with a disability can make life a lot harder than what it would otherwise be – especially if that disability is so rare that it doesn’t even have a name.

Thirteen-year-old Angus Palmes was born weighing a normal 6lb 7oz, but a chromosome abnormality severely stunted his growth and mental development, leaving him just 3ft 1″ tall and weighing 30lbs.

Angus stopped growing when he was three years old, and unfortunately, he never learned to speak. His inability to speak often frustrates the teenager causing him to harm himself. Although his mother Tandy has said that he is a happy person.

His condition is so rare that doctors have placed the odds of a child being born with the condition at one-in-seven-billion. Yes, Angus is believed to be the only person on the planet who suffers from the disorder.

When Angus’ condition was first identified, doctors informed his mother that he would never be able to walk, however, he has proved them wrong and can walk with his mother’s assistance.

“They didn’t tell me he was going to be like a child for the rest of his life,” she revealed. “They said they found [the condition] by accident and unfortunate thing was [that] they had no record of anybody else having it.”

Angus’ mother shared his story on the British talk show This Morning, but viewers were left less than impressed when she described other genetic disorders like Down’s syndrome as “bog standard” compared to Angus’ condition. Many understood that Down’s syndrome is, of course, a more common disorder, but that does not mean people with the condition have an easy life.

Despite this, viewers were won over by the bubbly 13-year-old who happily smiled throughout the five-minute television interview, demonstrating how he uses hand signals as a non-verbal form of communication whilst his mother explained more about his condition.

The above hand gesture is used by Angus to indicate when he is happy.

“There are over a million children in the UK who’ve all got disabilities and Angus is actually one of a kind, he’s completely unique in every way as you can see,” she said.

“There’s a lot of children with what they call personal syndromes who fight a lot of battles because people don’t recognize them so they struggle sometimes to get service and things like that.”

Angus’ inspirational This Morning interview is featured below in its entirety.