On February 16, 2012, Dana Vulin climbed into bed as she did on every other ordinary night. After all, at that point, it was an ordinary night for the 25-year-old, who lived alone in an apartment complex in Perth, Australia.

The blonde beauty was completely oblivious to the sinister events that would take place only hours later when she was dragged from her bed by two strangers who had broken into her house. At least, to Dana they were strangers.

But, in reality, Natalie Dimitrovska and her accomplice, Daniel Stone, were well acquainted with Dana, who they’d stalked for months.

Natalie had become obsessed with Dana after she witnessed her estranged husband innocently talking to her at a party. Consumed by jealousy, she assumed that the pair were having an intimate relationship.

Furious that Dana would share a romantic connection with her husband, Natalie followed her for months, leaving her threatening messages. “You’re dead, bi**h,” she hissed in one call where she vowed to ruin Dana’s “pretty little face”.

Despite claiming to have reunited with her husband, Natalie continued to stalk Dana. On February 15, she burst into Dana’s apartment in search of her husband who was not there.

Then, the following night, high on amphetamines, she broke into Dana’s flat through the balcony where she launched her sickening attack – an attack which tragically left Dana unrecognizable.

Natalie, with Daniel in tow, set about dousing Dana’s body in methylated spirits. The corrosive substances stung Dana’s exposed skin, prompting her to beg for them to stop. But they didn’t. Instead, Natalie set fire to her as she laughed hysterically.

Once Dana’s body was burning, Natalie and Daniel escaped the property, leaving their victim to writhe in agony.

“The pain was excruciating, but through my screaming, I could hear Natalie and Daniel making their escape through the sliding door, they were laughing at me while I burned alive,” Dana wrote in her book, Worth Fighting For.