It’s true that our pets can help bring a bit of joy into our lives when times get tough, but it’s often forgotten that animals can also help keep those with disabilities safe and secure.

While most people with disabilities look to certified service animals to help get them through the day, Beth Deever turned to Best Friends Animal Society’s Pet Adoption Center to help provide a rescue dog a home while also adopting a pet that can help her daughter, Rebecca, out.

When Rebecca first met 9-month-old poodle mix Spencer, there was no denying there was an instant connection. Spencer laid down on Rebecca’s lap almost immediately and they essentially fell in love.

“The first time I saw Spencer, I liked him because he came with me. He liked to be close to me. He wanted to be with me, and I love him. He’s a nice dog and he loves me back,” Rebecca commented about her first interactions with Spencer.

Since Spencer’s adoption, Rebecca’s mother has noted that the dog has been almost a saving grace for her daughter.

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