Every year, millions of people brave the crowds (especially on Black Friday) in search of the perfect Christmas presents for their loved ones.

While we all have different ideas of what the ideal gift is, if we’re going by what people vote for with their wallets, there are a number of products that really hit the nail on the head when it comes to the Yuletide season. Get ready to take a walk down memory lane and relive your childhood as we take a look at 20 of the most popular Christmas gifts of all time.

1. Rebooting one of Nintendo’s most iconic gaming systems, it’s really no surprise that the NES Classic was a crazy popular gift in 2016. It was so sought-after, in fact, that Nintendo discontinued it, explaining, “we don’t have unlimited resources.”

2. 2012: the Wii U, which was the first eighth-generation video game console and the first Nintendo console to support HD graphics. It also came with a GamePad controller, allowing users to play games without a TV display.

3. 2010: the Apple iPad, which made history as a new kind of portable device and the first successful tablet on the market. Before the launch of the iPad 2, Apple sold more than 15 million first-generation iPads.


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