Unless you happen to have a particularly liberal family where nothing is off-limits, the very thought of talking about sex with your parents is probably enough to make you gag – especially if that conversation involves masturbation and, God forbid, sex toys.

In most families, talk of sex tends to be limited to the initial discussion on the birds and the bees, and most of us would like to keep it that way.

Unfortunately, some parents insist on violating these perfectly reasonable boundaries. A very concerned father recently became hysterical when he stumbled across something that he mistook for a sex toy his daughter’s room.

His unsuspecting daughter Emily was at her friend’s house when her dad texted her saying that he had something serious to discuss with her.

“Well I found this,” he informed his daughter via text. “Why are you making these purchases. That is disgusting! You shouldn’t waste your money! If you have these kind of needs, I suggest you don’t leave this sh*t laying around.”

Emily, clearly in shock, responded in all caps, “DAD WHAT DO U THINK THAT IS?”

Now if you had received a text like this from your dad, you would probably be sh*tting yourself at this point. But Emily is very assertive and knows that she has nothing to be apologetic about – although, if it had been a sex toy, there would have still been no need to apologize.