This time last year, Piers Morgan boasted of his close friendship with Donald Trump. “I like him,” he declared on the popular British daytime talk show Loose Women. “Let’s not just say that every time he speaks he’s a monster because it’s not true.”

Morgan’s comments were made to defend the 45th President of the United States after he controversially decided to ban immigrants from seven countries from entering America in an order which became known as “The Muslim Ban”.

Fifty-two-year-old Morgan even posted a picture of himself cuddling up to the 71-year-old businessman turned politician on social media. Although Morgan once proudly called Trump his “friend”, it turns out that a lot can change in a year!

This week, Trump caused outrage when he re-tweeted multiple anti-Muslim videos directly from the toxic account of a British far-right group. His actions were publicly condemned by people across the world, as well as by world leaders such as the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Theresa May.

But the most unlikely voice against Trump’s promotion of anti-Muslim media was his former friend Piers Morgan, who described the controversial retweets as the “worst thing Trump has done as President.”

“President Donald Trump today publicly endorsed disgusting, far-right Islamophobia and racism. There is simply no other conclusion to be drawn from his decision,” the former journalist wrote in an opinion piece for The Daily Mail.