Discovering that your partner has been unfaithful is a nightmare for everyone in a committed relationship. Even the most rational of people harbor a fear that they’ll one day find evidence of their partner’s infidelity – be it a stray thong or, worse, a used condom.

But how would you feel if you blindly unearthed your partner’s adulterous ways via an innocent Instagram browse? For one Russian wife, that was exactly how she learned that her husband was cheating on her after she stumbled upon a rather suspicious photograph.

Yulia Agranovych was scrolling through Instagram when she saw a fairly inconspicuous photograph of the night sky, peppered with the glowing lights of the Russian city of St. Petersburg. To everyone, except for Agranovych, the photo was barely worth any attention.

But she recognized something in the snap that made her double take – thanks to her eagle eye, her husband was about to get busted.

The glittering landscape captured in the image looked incredibly familiar to Agranovych, who thought it looked identical to the view from her own bedroom window. Momentarily confused, she clicked on to the profile of the person who’d posted the snap, only to see a timeline saturated with images of a woman she’d never met lounging in her house – the house she shared with her husband.

The innocuous photograph taken from Agranovych’s bedroom window led her to find photographs of an unfamiliar woman taking seductive selfies in her bathroom mirror while wearing very little clothing. It was the Instagram browse of nightmares.