Human attraction isn’t always logical. I’m sure most of us have at least one former flame who now makes us cringe. Whilst some features are universally thought to be attractive like a Hollywood smile and a six-pack, there are others that are, well, totally bizarre.

Ever since I started dating, I’ve judged the suitability of potential partners based on their smell. I don’t know why, but if a man smells good, he’s instantly a lot more attractive, and scientists have now proven that men also like some bizarre features on women too.

Weirdos of the world rejoice – your quirks could be exactly what makes you so endearing!

1. Sweat

Contrary to my preference for men who smell nice, there are some guys out there who are into sweaty women. According to scientists, this is because sweat reveals a lot about how we are feeling, and if you’ve got the “scent of happiness” from a good work out, it’s contagious!

Personally, I’ll stick to showering after any pre-date gym sessions.

2. Infectious laughter

When a man isn’t afraid to laugh and have fun, even if that means bearing a toothy grin, he’s automatically a lot more attractive, and it turns out that men think the same thing about women. So if you’ve got a great laugh, use it to your advantage. Science has proven that infectious laughter makes people more attractive. If someone can make you laugh, you’re more likely to have a successful romantic relationship.

Why not take a leaf out of Khaleesi’s book and throw in a cheeky wink too?!

3. Glasses

You might have been dubbed “four eyes” in school and been forced to wrestle with contact lenses as a result, but you could have been wasting your time. Science has revealed that men find women in glasses more attractive, although they’ve not specified why.

So now you have the perfect excuse to forgo those uncomfortable contact lenses and wear glasses instead!

Whilst these might sound like strange things to be attracted to, human attraction is just as baffling, and it’s not just age that can change who we are attracted to. Some women who take the birth control pill have reported to suddenly changing their type because of it.