Lots of people receive phone calls or texts from strangers who mistakenly punched in the wrong number.

Most usually brush it off and forget it ever happened, but for this teen, it sparked an accidental tradition. In November 2016, Jamal Hinton got a text from a random phone number, letting him know he was invited to Thanksgiving dinner. Confused, he asked who was messaging him. The response? “Your grandma.”

Doubting the woman’s claim, the then high school senior asked her to send a photo of herself. (She has since changed her phone number).

The woman pictured was Wanda Dench, who was certainly someone’s grandma…just not Hinton’s.

Hinton got a good laugh out of the whole thing when he sent a photo back, even jokingly asking if Dench would still save a plate for him. To his surprise, she said she would — and she was serious about it.


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