It seems that every day more and more celebrities are being outed as sexual abusers. Hollywood A-listers like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey have had their careers destroyed since they have been revealed to have taken part in past sexual misconduct.

Now, the latest celebrity whose name has been added to the list of sexual abusers is Richard Branson.

The 67-year-old English business magnate and founder of the Virgin Group has been accused by Joss Stone’s backup 44-year-old singer, Antonia Jenae, of sticking his head between her breasts and “motorboating” her.

The alleged incident happened on Necker Island, where Branson had invited Jenae and singer Joss Stone back to his Caribbean home after a performance at the Go Green Festival in neighboring Tortola.

Jenae said she and Stone were standing by the bar while Branson was saying goodbye to other guests. Then, allegedly, out of nowhere, Branson walked up to Jenae and performed the “motorboating” act.

“His behavior was disgusting. I feel like it was sexual assault,” Jenae said of the incident which took place in 2010. “He went ‘brrrrrr’ and just walked away. It was surreal, totally out of the blue.”