The United Nations Command has released disturbing footage of a North Korean soldier escaping across the “Bridge of No Return” into South Korea. The man initially makes his escape in a Korean People’s Army jeep before finishing his journey to freedom on foot.

Once the defector reaches the bridge, he rapidly increases his speed while driving across the border.

The camera captures the man driving past checkpoints guarded by North Korean soldiers before he accidentally crashes into a ditch. It is at this point that he decides to flee on foot, knowing that capture could be fatal.

The footage shows North Korean military guards running toward the empty jeep and opening fire on the defector. The soldier receives five gunshot wounds to his bottom, armpit, shoulder, upper arm, and knee.

In shooting the defector and crossing the Military Demarcation Line, North Korea has violated a 1953 armistice agreement.

The North Korean soldier who crossed the Military Demarcation Line in a bid to capture his fleeing comrade can be seen realizing his mistake and retreating as a result. More than 40 bullets from pistols and from an AK-47 were fired at the soldier as he made his escape.

While the footage does not show the soldier being hit by bullets fired by his North Korean comrades, it does show him collapsing beside a concrete wall as a result of his wounds once has finally reached the safety of South Korea.

Afterwards, South Korean soldiers can be seen crawling through undergrowth and bringing the wounded North Korean soldier to safety.

The soldier’s rank and identity remain anonymous. He was flown to a hospital in a US military helicopter and has since regained consciousness.

The shocking footage of his escape is comprised of five sections and lasts only six minutes and 57 seconds.

Video courtesy of – United Nations Command (UNC)