British television host Piers Morgan is famed for rubbing people up the wrong way with his outspoken and often controversial opinions.

Who could forget when the professional wind-up-merchant said that he was “all in favor of equality” but referred to the women who took part in the Women’s March in Washington at the start of the year as “man-hating” feminists?

He then said that he would like to organize a Men’s March to counteract what he referred to as the “emasculation” of his gender. A lot of people have yet to forgive him for his extremely controversial words about what was an empowering event for many.

However, while he’s evidently not too keen on women marching for equality, he does has a soft spot for the women in his home country. At the very least, he’ll have no one tell him that they are less attractive and intelligent than women from elsewhere in the world.

But that’s exactly what happened when he interviewed a self-professed dating guru, Richard La Ruina, on Good Morning Britain.

La Ruina had no qualms about claiming that British women are less attractive and intelligent than their Eastern European counterparts.

Despite openly admitting that he didn’t manage to score so much as a kiss with a woman until he was 21, La Ruina said that British women “don’t look very good” because “they don’t look after themselves” and “are famous for moaning and complaining all the time.”

He concluded his sweeping and scathing critique by saying, “They just ask a lot and give very little in return.”

He said Eastern European women were superior “because they are more beautiful, elegant, [and] feminine” and “they are very intelligent”.