Child abuse is one of the most abhorrent things in the world. It’s even more difficult to fathom when it’s carried out by a parent, and, unfortunately, this senseless abuse of power still occurs on a regular basis in modern society.

This became all too apparent when it emerged that a father had been uploading videos of himself abusing his daughters to YouTube. But what made his actions even more despicable was that they had gone unreprimanded for years.

Single father 46-year-old Greg Chism started his YouTube channel Toy Freaks in 2015, uploading videos of himself and his two young daughters ‘playing’, and it didn’t take long for him to attract millions of subscribers. In fact, his channel was one of the most popular on YouTube.

However, the Illinois-based channel featured videos of the girls being deliberately terrified by their father, food play which caused them to vomit, and disturbing footage that featured the girls urinating on each other.

YouTube users had reportedly been complaining about Toy Freaks for years, but until now nothing had been done about the channel.

Some of the channel’s most popular videos featured nine-year-0ld Victoria and seven-year-old Annabelle pretending to be babies, and this resulted in some truly disturbing footage of them wetting themselves and spoon-feeding each other.