Do you believe in time travel? A man named Noah does, and he has claimed that he has traveled back in time from the near future and is now stuck in 2017.

It sounds like a plotline from Doctor Who, but this is real life. A video has surfaced of a young man claiming to be a time traveler and giving ominous warnings about the future. The man says time travel was discovered in 2003, but only secret government agencies used it.

The man, pictured above, only identifies himself as “Noah” out of fear of repercussions from these secret agencies. He says time travel will become public in the year 2028, and we all must be prepared.

Noah, who claims his “natural” year is 2021, revealed that he is actually 50 years old, but has taken an age rejuvenating drug available in the future to make him 25 again. He also admits to suffering from anorexia and depression.

The bizarre video shows Noah, with his face blurred, reading from a prepared statement. At times, he struggles to get his words out and breaks down. He says that he is now trapped at this current time and cannot get back to his natural time four years in the future.