How much would someone have to pay you to eat a kangaroo’s testicle or a fermented egg? For many, the answer will be millions. For others, there isn’t a price that you could put on being forced to eat a witchetty grub!

But apparently, there are some D-list celebrities who are willing to do it for very little compensation…

Every year, dozens of British celebrities trek into the Australian jungle to appear on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! They take part in gruesome trials which involve eating grotesque bugs and lying in a spider and snake-infested pit.

Naturally, we assume that they do so for money. What other incentives are as attractive?! Even if they are guaranteed 15 minutes of fame from appearing on the show – a complimentary gift to each jungle camper.

But unless you’re Katie Price and Peter Andre, who revived their questionable careers off the back of the show, it is a short-lived venture. So, back to the money, that must be why the celebrities are there.

This year’s stars include Olympic silver medalist, Amir Khan and Stanley Johnson, father to the former London mayor, Boris Johnson. They have recently moved into the jungle camp, which is based a few hundred kilometers north of Sydney.

Any hopes of a holiday escape for the celebrities are quickly extinguished within the first episode, as the contestants are thrown into shocking scenarios for the entertainment of millions of viewers back in the United Kingdom.

It is these viewers who vote for their favorite each night to save them from elimination. This system generates the money with which the producers pay each participant. But it isn’t as much as you’d think…