Breaking up with someone is never easy. How do you do it without hurting their feelings? What do you do if they cry? What if they get angry? These are all questions that run through the mind of every person about to initiate a break-up.

Faced with the possibility that it could get messy, many of us would love to be able to text our partner to call it off. Let’s face it, no millennial likes to accept responsibility for their actions, but thankfully few people take the coward’s way out.

However, some people really do take dumping via text very seriously. So when one Twitter user pulled a practical joke by texting a bunch of random numbers and dumping them, not everyone saw the funny side.

“Broke up with a bunch of random numbers this morning,” wrote Primavera alongside a picture of his message inbox which featured dozens of short outbound texts. “This isn’t working out,” he texted. “I’m breaking up with you.”

Primavera’s plan was to break up with dozens of random people in an attempt to try and “boost” his confidence. However, he neglected to mention how breaking up with a stranger could boost your confidence.

His quest may have been undeniably bizarre, but it cannot be denied that the results are hilarious!

“Yo if you’re tryin’ to break up you should at least get their phone number right. pro tip (sic),” one of his victims sarcastically responded.

However, the other replies were not as matter-of-fact…

This person was clearly oblivious to the fact that the break-up text wasn’t coming from their real partner. “Srsly? You breaking up with me via text? Loser,” they wrote. However, as the exchange between the pair continues, the anonymous person changes their mind and begs for their lover to “hurry”.