As Cody Hall walked down the aisle last week in a stunning white gown with an even whiter smile, it was easy to forget her turbulent history. Hall, from Northampton, England, was born with a severe facial deformity which blighted her early life.

Despite having undergone multiple surgeries to erase the enormous birthmark, Hall spent years being haunted by her memories of the difficult days where she was teased and ridiculed by children at school and strangers in the street.

Hall’s colossal birthmark warped her delicate face as it stretched across her skin, prompting her to become the subject of many curious stares from strangers, who could not fathom why her face looked the way it did.

Her family was told that there was nothing that doctors could do to remove the birthmark until she was six-years-old. Determined to take action sooner, they raised $304,000 to pay for an American surgeon to start removing the mass.

In 1993, at the tender age of one, Hall underwent a staggering 18 surgeries at the Roosevelt Hospital in New York.

However, there was still extensive work to be done. Over the next 14 years, she was subjected to another 18 surgeries, which included numerous nose reconstructions, facelifts, skin grafts, eye surgery and liposuction.

But the large-scale surgeries that she endured were nothing in comparison to the cruel comments she’d received from strangers.