The majority of people can attest to fantasizing about becoming a prince or princess at least once. However, as we have learned from the trials and tribulations of the British Royal Family, life as a royal is far from being a real-life fairy tale.

From the moment princes and princesses are born, they are under constant scrutiny, and this scrutiny is arguably worse for people who marry into the Royal Family, with the press being highly criticized for their treatment of Princess Diana.

But her sons William and Harry have proven that it is possible to live a relatively private royal life whilst enjoying the perks of the job.

Since their mother’s untimely death at the age of 36, the Princes have guarded their right to privacy, with Prince William and his wife Kate suing members of the press who invaded their privacy in France by taking photographs of a topless Kate.

In fact, the Royal couple went as far as having a $26,400 yew hedge planted around their London home, Kensington Palace, to prevent unscrupulous members of the press and the public from invading their privacy.

Whilst some people argue that the Royals are public property because the taxpayer funds their lavish lifestyle, both William and Harry have served their country alongside ordinary civilians in the army as well as carrying out their royal duties.

The Royal Family is a huge source of stability in society, promoting British values in times when the government is unable to do so.

Prince Harry and William have also candidly spoken about their mother and life as royals, proving that they are not willing to shy away from people’s fascination with the Royal Family, and they give back in many ways by spending their time working for charitable causes.

Now they’ve shown their fun side once again by cameoing in The Last Jedi.