We have been left appalled by the stories of sexual abuse which have recently swept across the entertainment industry. However, while our attention has been devoted to Hollywood scandals, we have forgotten that similar acts of depravity occur alarmingly close to home.

These stories may not center around Hollywood veterans, but they are equally, if not more, shocking. The most recent example of this is the story of a teacher, known only as Yokasta M, who threatened to fail her teenage studentshttp://www.viralthread.com/married-teacher-…t-sleep-with-her/ if they refused to get intimate with her.

Yokasta, who taught at a school in Columbia’s capital city, Medellin, is alleged to have bombarded pubescent students between the ages of 16 and 17 with explicit photographs and videos of herself through the popular messaging platform WhatsApp.

The teacher asked all of her students to provide her with their telephone numbers in order for her to “help” them with their studies. But rather than provide extra tuition, she harrassed them with threatening messages and seductive snaps and clips of herself.

The 40-year-old invited teenage students to her flat where she lived with her husband, who has since filed for divorce. Once inside, she would force the teenagers to perform sex acts on her while threatening that she would fail them if they did not comply with her demands.

She sent students hundreds of images of herself in various states of undress, using inanimate objects to conceal her modesty, as well as videos of her touching herself. It was this material that would eventually expose the truth about Yokasta’s depravity to the world.

The teacher’s bizarre behavior was finally revealed by the father of one of her victims after he grew suspicious of his son. Checking the teen’s phone, he discovered dozens of inappropriate pictures and videos of Yokasta which were accompanied by threatening messages.