Brazedowl is no stranger to having to make room in his home due to the impending birth of a child.

When the Imgur user and his wife discovered they were expecting their fourth child, they found themselves in quite the dilemma. The couple’s already cramped house had no room left at the inn, forcing the pair to get creative with their living arrangements. Without a permanent solution, the family would be forced to pack up everything they owned and begin the process of moving to a larger home. But being the hardworking handyman that he is, Brazedowl set out to convert his unused carport into a bedroom space for his three oldest children. With just a few weeks left until the baby’s arrival, Dad prepared to ready the space in just 45 days.

Did he finish his master build under such a time crunch? Keep reading to find out!

This is the carport that would undergo the transformation into an additional bedroom.

Before any walls could go up, Brazedowl had to dig out footing for the non-load bearing wall.

Once that was finished, he filled in the hole with cement and cinder blocks which he used as wall anchors.

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