Believe it or not, there are still parts of our world that are yet to be explored, that simply show as blank on the map. Several of these remarkable places can be found in Papua New Guinea, where several remote and primitive tribes still exist, completely cut off from the modern world.

Their ancient practices and lifestyles have fascinated modern humans for decades, with many explorers attempting to make contact with these civilisations in order to study them and perhaps even introduce them to the modern world.

Many people have argued that they should just be left alone, as they’re causing no harm and pose no threat – but, humans being humans, we just have to stick out noses in.

However, the decision to explore such an unknown and primitive location could have proven fatal for one British explorer, who has been reported as missing after losing contact with the outside world whilst filming a documentary for the BBC.

Benedict Allen, a 57-year-old from Bristol, England had set off from Heathrow Airport in London on October 11, with the intention to going deep into the remote jungle and making contact with the Yaifo people.