Design fails are funny, plain and simple.

Many of us are left scratching our heads, asking “what were they thinking” as we see new and unusual products hit the market. But store shelves aren’t the only place to find flawed designs. Even doing something as simple as walking down the street, you’re bound to find a building or some other architectural blunder that will leave you feeling hopeless for humanity.

While most design fails can serve as a great source of laughter, every now and then, a product design comes around that could be more harmful than funny. Here are 16 flawed designs that could prove to be deadly if you’re not careful.

1. You might want to look twice before picking up a two liter at your local grocery store.

2. “Mommy, my breakfast cereal tastes funny.”

3. There’s no better feeling than coming home after a hard day at work and popping open a nice, refreshing can of radiator coolant.


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