One of the most politically explosive years in recent history was 2016. The United Kingdom made the historic decision to leave the European Union and former reality star and business mogul Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States.

Another notable event in 2016 was the slew of big-name celebrity deaths. Last year, we said goodbye some of the world’s biggest stars including musician David Bowie and actress Carrie Fisher, whose mother Debbie also tragically died a day after her.

Whilst many of the events which took place in 2016 shocked the world, there was one man who saw them coming. Admittedly, he doesn’t predict celebrity deaths, but he’s made a number of accurate predictions about global affairs over the years.

Craig Hamilton-Parker is a psychic, and he foresaw not only the election of President Trump, but also Brexit, all the way back in September 2015.

However, Hamilton-Parker has not got a completely accurate track record as he predicted that Boris Johnson would become the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister after Brexit, and the role ended up being given to Theresa May.

Hamilton-Parker’s predictions for 2017 were more than a little off the mark too. Apparently there was going to be a kidnap and assassination attempt on the Pope, and a fire at the British Houses of Parliament caused by “bad maintenance” – although there’s still six weeks left, so there’s still a chance these events could come to pass.

Despite these inaccuracies, Hamilton-Parker believes he is mostly accurate in his predictions, and he’s now unveiled a list of eight things which will happen in 2018, and whilst some aren’t surprising, others will shock the world if they came to pass.

1. Terrorist attacks

Hamilton-Parker’s first prediction is that there will be more terrorist attacks, but this will not come as a surprise to most people. The world has been ravaged by terrorist attacks in recent years, and 2017 saw countless people lose their lives in this way.

The psychic has even provided a detailed account of how one of these attacks will take place, saying, “There will be a terrorist attack on a British Motorway in which a gunman shoots people held up by a deliberate traffic accident.”

2. The end of Kim Jong-un

One of the most controversial political figures to dominate headlines in 2017 has been the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, and his determination to build nuclear arsenal for his country has been internationally condemned.

However, according to Hamilton-Parker, Kim Jong-un will be overthrown in 2018 thanks to a political revolution. “I know it looks like we are on the brink of war, but my feeling is that he will be deposed by his own people,” he said.