The sexual harassment scandal in Hollywood has ousted some of the industry’s most powerful entertainment moguls. Though many of these A-listers had been finding ways to get away with their crimes and silence their victims, that is not the case any longer.

Every day, more victims feel empowered enough to tell their stories, and their abusers are finally beginning to receive their long overdue punishments. Actor and comedian, Rebel Wilson, is the latest celebrity to come forward and share her experience of sexual harassment in Hollywood.

Although Wilson is not naming any names just yet, lending her voice to the movement still carries a lot of weight in letting others know they are not alone, and that it is okay to speak up and share their experiences.

Wilson revealed she has encountered sexual harassment at the hands of a star actor and a top director. She shared her story in a series of messages on Twitter.

She writes that although she has been away in a “bubble” making comedy and has not commented on scandal previously, she, too, has a story to tell.

She claims that a male star in a position power asked her repeatedly to stick her finger in his bum while his friends attempted to video record the event on their cellphones.

Wilson called her agent and lawyer right away to report the incident. She wanted to protect herself incase the star’s behaviour escalated and she found she needed to legally leave the job. She also claims the star’s representative called her and told her to “be nice” to him.