The headline reads like something out of a Will Ferrel movie, but this is real life. On Tuesday, 19-year-old Terrion Pouncy shot himself in the penis while attempting to rob a hotdog stand.

The incident occurred at the Original Maxwell Street Polish in Chicago around 6 am. Pouncy threatened two employees of the stand with a small calliper pistol, holding the gun to one employee’s head. The employees handed over the cash from their till.

One of the employees, who had been holding a bucket of grease, tipped the bucket, causing the cash to fall to the ground. Pouncy stooped to collect the money while still holding the gun. Upon standing up, he placed his pistol into his pants.

Pouncy, who was described as wearing a black sweatshirt and a black scarf over half of his face, then reached into one of his victims’ pockets and took a cellphone and wallet before fleeing, as well.

Reportedly, Pouncy readjusted his gun in his waistband as he attempted to run away, but something went horribly wrong. The gun fired right into Pouncy’s groin!