Louis CK has become the latest celebrity to be accused of sexual assault. His name had been added to a growing laundry list of Hollywood A-listers who have allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct.

Stars like Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein have seen their careers tank amid the allegations. Rather than take responsibility for their actions, both have made themselves out to be victims by entering “treatment” and placing blame elsewhere.

Spacey selfishly took the moment to publicly out himself as gay, somehow equating his sexual orientation with an excuse, and making the story about himself rather than his alleged victims.

Louis CK, however, decided to take a different path and owned up to the sexual assault claims against him. He willingly admitted to the harassment allegations from five women, who claim the comedian masturbated in from of them.

He is the first major celebrity to openly admit to his sexual misconduct. He is also the first to reveal how people in his position of power use their influence to silence their victims.

You can read his full confession and response, which was published in several major newspapers, here: