Animals are unpredictable creatures at the best of times. Take your family dog as an example, one minute it’s behaving itself impeccably, the next, it’s racing off into the distance as you hopelessly shout its name.

Luckily, dogs are a little more researched – there is very little that you cannot glean about their behavior by a quick Google search. Meanwhile, other little known animals roam the planet under the watchful eye of scientists who aim to understand them. One of these particular animals is the coconut crab.

The creature, which looks like something you conjured up in your worst nightmare, is a far cry from the tiny specimens you catch with a $3 crab line at the beach.

Found predominantly in Indonesia, the coconut crab has seen its population diminish over the years as they are hunted by humans. Extinct in some local areas, the enormous creatures have become popular with research scientists who hope to conserve them.

However, many are calling for coconut crabs to be exterminated after haunting video footage of a colossal crab devouring a BIRD emerged online…

The crab’s peculiar behavior was observed by researcher, Mark Laidre, who witnessed the sinister moment that the crab climbed a tree to seek out its prey.

He watched, dumbfounded, as the crab used its colossal pincers to pinch the bird out of its nest where it had been cosily sleeping. The struggling bird then plunged to the ground where it met its gruesome fate.

Up until now, it was believed that coconut crabs feasted predominantly on fleshy fruits. Often they consume dead animals and unfortunate tortoise hatchlings, but rarely have they been seen to stalk and kill their own prey.