Models are traditionally portrayed as having perfectly sculpted bodies. However, this is often the result of photo manipulation, showing that even models cannot wholly adhere to the industry’s impossible beauty standards.

The modeling industry, however, has changed irrevocably in recent years. Companies and designers have finally realized that they can sell more products if they portray beauty standards that ordinary people can relate to.

This has led to the rise of the plus size model – a term used to describe beautiful people of an average to larger stature.

But it’s not just plus size models that exist in the modern world, people who would have otherwise never been entertained by the industry are also making it big, including those with disabilities and transgender people.

These changes are part of a wider body positivity movement which is encouraging people to embrace what nature gave them and love whatever ‘imperfections’ they have acquired throughout their lives.

In the past, the modeling industry has come under fire for causing many people to develop low self-esteem and plastic surgery addictions as they go on a quest for impossible-to-achieve perfection.

Two of the biggest names currently in the modelling industry are Bella and Gigi Hadid, and the sisters portray the traditional beauty standards we have come to associate with models, but it has now emerged that their cousin is also a model – and a plus size model at that!