There is never a good time to discover that your partner has been unfaithful. However, learning of his lie at 38,000ft is certainly the worst.

It may seem like a situation only reserved for farfetched television shows and Hollywood blockbusters, so it may surprise you to learn that it can actually happen in real life. Something one unfortunate wife learned earlier this week…

On Sunday, November 5, a married couple boarded a flight for Bali from Doha, Qatar. However, shortly into that flight everything would change for the pair after the suspicious wife made some shocking discoveries on her husband’s phone.

According to Times of India, the Iranian woman unlocked her oblivious husband’s phone with his fingerprint as he slept. As she scrolled through the device she confirmed what she thought she already knew when she found that her husband was having an affair.

The woman, who had allegedly indulged in a few of the complimentary drinks, became irate and began to quiz her drowsy husband onboard the flight. A fight erupted between the two, prompting cabin crew to separate them. However, the inebriated wife could not be restrained.

As the situation spun out of control, the pilot made the executive decision to make an emergency landing in Chennai, India – over seven hours from their intended destination.

The husband, wife and their young child were then removed from the plane which continued on its route to Bali. The family were then detained at Chennai airport as officials waited for the woman to sober up and calm down.