Sex is an important part of any good relationship, and, whilst it’s only natural to spend less time ‘doing it’ as the relationship progresses, a healthy sex life helps couples’ to keep their passion for each other alive long after the honeymoon period has ended.

Celebrities are notorious for opening up about their bedroom antics, which often involve short-lived affairs with each other and some of their biggest (and hottest) fans. But now the First Lady of the United States has opened up about her sex life with President Donald Trump.

Speaking as a 24-year-old woman, it’s hard to imagine exactly what age does to a person’s libido, but I did work with the elderly in my late teens, and I was surprised to learn that Hugh Hefner wasn’t the only person to still get it on well into their 80s.

At the age of 71, the president is no spring chicken. However, with a wife 24 years his junior, the former reality star clearly wants to keep his younger beau satisfied, and Melania revealed all about their surprisingly active sex life during a 1999 interview.

The then 53-year-old businessman called Melania up at the request of controversial radio host Howard Stern. The host is famous for daring to go where most interviewers wouldn’t, and he wanted Trump’s then girlfriend to spill the beans about what goes on between their sheets.

There have been a lot of attractive presidents and First Ladies over the years. President Kennedy, for example, was a heartthrob for many during the the 1960s, but few people regard Trump in this light, even if his wife Melania is widely hailed as being attractive.