When you have a rare condition that alters your physical appearance in a drastic way, it can have a devastating impact on your life.

Often this will mean having some sort of tumor growth which causes severe disfigurement on your body and the sheer extremity of your disfigurement can have the unfortunate effect of alienating those around you.

You become alienated from other people because your appearance deviates so dramatically from the norm.

Fortunately with modern medicine, there is hope yet. Researchers in medicine are working tirelessly to find a cure for such disfigurements and birth defects.

There are some very rare cases where the disfigurement in question cannot be easily hidden or tamed, in fact, often these people simply have to accept that their appearance is in some cases quite literally one in a million.

One woman from Rio de Janeiro has a condition which leads to thousands of what are known as bubble tumours growing all over her body.

However, remarkably the woman has found a way to embrace her unusual appearance and speaks very candidly about how the condition affects her life.

Her name is Sandra De Santos and she has had to contend with years of people scrutinizing her appearance and strangers staring at her on the street.