Nudes are one of the most problematic phenomenons in modern society. Whilst they can bring two people in a consenting relationship closer together (and provide a lot of fun in doing so), hackers and unscrupulous partners often decide to share them with the world.

Having your nudes leaked can have devastating consequences. If they are shared with the wrong people, they could be available on the internet for years to come, and if you’re a celebrity, they could fetch a handsome sum amongst your fans.

Because of the high price tag attached to celebrity nudes, members of the paparazzi will go to extraordinary lengths to break enterings (and social decency) so that they can get ‘exclusive’ pictures – and that’s exactly what has happened to singer and songwriter Sia.

Once these pictures are taken, there is little that celebrities can do to stop them from being sold to the highest bidder. But when Sia discovered that someone was trying to sell her nudes, she decided to take a stand and boy did she slay.

Instead of allowing a member of the paparazzi to profit from her nudes, she decided to leak them on Twitter. This bold move proved that she is proud of her body and enabled her to reclaim ownership of the pictures before they were sold.

Unfortunately, some of the biggest names in Hollywood have fallen victim to having their intimate snaps shared with the world, but this is the first time that a celebrity has taken action to stop the paparazzi profiting from them.