Barbie has dominated childhoods since she was launched in 1959. The majority of people have vivid memories of playing with their fantastic plastic companion as children. However, in recent years the doll has come under fire for her seemingly ‘perfect’ appearance.

As a result, the Barbie company has taken a number of steps to diversify the doll, changing her body size and skin color. But it turns out that there’s a real-life Barbie whose appearance is even more radically different from the doll’s – Russia’s “Muscle Barbie”.

Twenty-year-old Julia Vins is a bodybuilder who first came to the attention of the world’s media in 2014. Her incredible appearance is the result of an intensive fitness regime that she started when she was just fifteen years old.

Why? Like so many other girls that age, Vins lacked confidence. It’s no secret that working out can help to rectify this situation, giving people considerable control over their physique, and it wasn’t long before Vins acquired a truly jaw-dropping body.