Over the past few years, North Korea has been threatening the Western world with their arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Despite the fact that six devastating nuclear missile tests have led to the reported deaths of 200 workers, and repeated threats of war from President Donald Trump should the tests continue, it seems that supreme leader Kim Jong-un is refusing to stop testing his potentially catastrophic weaponry.

Whether Jong-un wants to prove to the West of the world that North Korea has the military capabilities to defends itself in the event of a war, or if he just wants to show off and play with his rockets, it looks like the dictator is completely oblivious to the damage being created by his war games.

It was recently reported that the missile test site, Mount Mantap, is now suffering from ‘tired mountain syndrome’ – a weakening of the mountain structure that can result in a radiation leak. And now, further reports have been released that suggest that the damage from these weapons tests have affected much more than a mountain.

Defectors from Kilju county – the location of the Punggye-ri underground nuclear test facility – have revealed how 80% of trees that are planted in the area quickly die. In addition, all the underground wells are now running dry.

The nuclear test site has essentially become a toxic wasteland.

These revelations were drawn from the witness accounts provided by the 21 defectors who used to live in the region. According to the South Korean Chosun Ilbo newspaper, the group was interviewed by the Research Association of Vision of North Korea.