We all know eating takeout meals can pack on the pounds. Sure a greasy pizza or a burger combo is fine now and then, but if you’re spending $6500 a year on the high calorie meals, then it’s safe to say that is way too much!

If that’s the case, then odds are you also weigh too much, as well. This was the case for 21-year-old Jack Towers, who broke his budget, and his waistband, by regularly eating chips, chocolate, and three takeout meals a week. That’s more than 7000 calories a day!

The average man only needs about 2500 calories per day. That means Jack was consuming nearly three day’s worth of food in a single 24 hour period.

Needless to say he was over weight. At his heaviest, the scale read 474 lbs and he was wearing a size XXXXXXL. To add insult to injury, Jack worked as a public health advisor!

He was told by doctors that he needed to make some serious lifestyle changes, and that he was borderline pre-diabetic. Jack admits that even simple, everyday tasks became a chore while carrying so much extra weight.

“Simple things like putting on my socks and shoes became such a struggle and just walking up a few steps would leave me so out of breath,” he claimed. “I felt 20 years older than I was.”

Turns out, it was a date with his girlfriend, Lauren Gatehouse, that finally motivated Jack to make a change. The couple had gone to see a movie together, but once at the cinema, Jack realized he couldn’t fit into his seat.

“I knew she would have been understanding but I was so embarrassed. I told her that I felt sick. I even went to the toilet and pretended to be sick so she would agree to go home.”