Let’s be honest, we all act differently depending which members of our family we’re around. The way you behave with your sibling is not the same way you’d act around your grandmother, and the way you speak to your mom is not the way you’d approach your friends.

On a Saturday night we will be chugging half price cocktail jugs with our friends, and on a Sunday we will be sat around the family dinner table passing a bowl of roast potatoes to our grandma whilst hiding a hangover.

Why? Because we respect them, and there is also a small chance that they might suffer a mild heart attack upon discovering what we really spent the pocket money they give us on – another round of shots anyone?

However, one person who doesn’t hide their true self from their elders is Danielle Bregoli, who you may know better as the Cash Me Outside Girl. The 14-year-old online personality made a name for herself after appearing on the Dr. Phil Show, where her anti-social behavior gave her what we all thought would be 15 minutes of fame.

Instead of leaving the public eye, Bregoli – who goes by the name Bhad Bhabie (pronounced ‘Bad Barbie’) – established herself as a social media personality and musician. With over 11 million followers on Instagram and three explicit rap singles, the controversial teen is now a brand.

Barely a teen, Bregoli has pleaded guilty to charges of grand theft, marijuana possession and filing a false police report. In total, these misdemeanors have garnered the youngster five years probation.

Rather than be furious about her behavior, her family have been supportive. So much so that they willingly feature in her YouTube videos, where they feature in some questionable clips…

Last week, Bregoli drafted in the assistance of her family for a video in which she asked them to read out her own rap lyrics. Despite her juvenile years, the lyrics are alarmingly adult – something her mother, Barbara, seems unperturbed by.

But, do her grandmother and 96-year-old great-grandmother also approve of Bregoli’s controversial career?