Dating is a minefield. Even if you’re relatively confident about your appearance, it’s hard not to compare yourself to other people who are seemingly more attractive than you, and this problem has only gotten worse in the age of dating apps.

In the modern world, groups of female friends often spend hours getting ready for nights out, helping each other to look their best before posing for countless photographs for social media. After the best pictures are posted, they can finally go out.

Whilst it is only natural to compare your looks to your friends’, 51-year-old fitness model Jane Curnow has sensationally claimed that she is so beautiful, she can’t have female friends because they are so jealous of her looks.

Curnow said she realized that her looks were a problem when she returned to dating after the breakdown of her marriage. Like many single women, she went to bars with friends and that’s when she realized that her looks were a “curse”.

“After my second marriage ended, I entered the single scene and quickly realized just how much attention men were giving me,” the Australian revealed to

“I’d get constant looks and comments and felt like men were undressing me with their eyes.”

“Women were (and still are) jealous and resentful towards me, but at the time I didn’t put it down to my looks and their own insecurities.”