Mass shootings are becoming an all-too-common occurrence. Our nation’s problem with gun crime has shown no signs of letting up in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, and now 26 people have lost their lives in what’s been dubbed the Texas church massacre.

Both within and outside the United States, many people have begun to speculate about whether or not we should have harsher gun controls. However, many Americans remain committed to the second amendment and have no qualms with making their opinions known.

Following the news of the Texas church massacre breaking, pro-gun lobbyist John R. Lott Jr. was invited on the British talkshow Good Morning Britain to discuss our nation’s gun crime problem with its famously outspoken host Piers Morgan. 

During the interview, 52-year-old Morgan asked Lott how he could remain committed to his right to bear arms when so many innocent people have repeatedly lost their lives in mass shootings like the one which took place in Texas yesterday.

In response to Morgan’s question, Lott began to defend the second amendment by claiming that gun crime has caused more deaths in Europe than in the US. Morgan was outraged by this and said, “What an absolute load of nonsense!”

Morgan then asked Lott where he got this information from, and when he couldn’t answer, the interview descended into a heated argument where neither of the two men were able to make a point without being interrupted by the other.