Weight is a very contentious issue in today’s world. One the one hand, our society has gone to great lengths to combat the way society views overweight people.

We are well aware that young people strive to be anything but “fat”, and sometimes go to quite extreme measures.

In order to combat this kind of pressure, we reinforce positive messages concerning body image and self love through ambitious online campaigns.

On the other hand, we also live in a world where the rise in obesity is taking its toll on the overall health of the nation.

This has led to us talking about weight as thought it were a matter of right and wrong. If you’re slim, your health is a-okay. If you happen to be on the heavier side, you may as well live within a two mile radius of the Emergency Department.

Yes, having excessive fat isn’t necessarily a healthy way to live, however, that doesn’t excuse the intolerance and pure disgust that overweight people are subjected to by total strangers.

Photographer Haley Morris-Cafiero has sought to combat society’s perception of fat people with her own photography project, a project that has now been dubbed “The Watchers”.

Through the project, she aims to show people how strangers tend to react to seeing bigger people out and about.