Taylor Swift has never been one to flaunt her body. The country singer has always opted for demure dresses, which have got slightly racier over time as she experiments with a different “Style” (get it?).

However, in preparation for the released of her sixth studio album, Reputationthe blond bombshell is rebranding herself from top to toe. Gone are the tight ringlets and geek-chic glasses, they have now been replaced with, well…nothing, as Swift appears in nothing but a nude bodysuit in her latest music video for ‘…Ready For It?’.

It is safe to say that the world was not “ready for it” with Swift fans going into meltdown over the provocative teaser trailer, which appears to show the 27-year-old singer as a naked cyborg. The Grammy-winner poses as a ‘sexy robot’ (It’s time to rethink your Halloween costume) in a dimly lit, smoky space.

Whilst the teaser clip was only 15 seconds long, it alludes to a common theme throughout the highly-anticipated video. There is a strong sense of darkness, which was prominent in Swift’s last music video release for the track ‘Look What You Made Me Do’.

That video went on to become the most successful music video release of all time, with critics branding it a masterpiece.  So, can ‘…Ready For It?’ compare?

The seductive scenes shown so far are certainly alluring. However, it remains to be seen if it has the same attention to detail as her chart-topping hit, LWYMMD.

The video is set for release on Thursday night, meaning that fans only have a few days to wait before they can start to make sense of the short – but scandalous – trailer. It would certainly seem that Swift is unconcerned by maintaining her modest “reputation”.

The video appears to be inspired by the iconic Blade Runner, of which the sequel, featuring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford is out now. Could Swift have based her theme upon the classic film?

Swift, whose fan base consists predominantly of teenagers, has always been viewed as a role model for young boys and girls. However, this latest display may have parents questioning their affiliation to the singer who inspires their children as she appears to take a turn down a darker route with her latest album.

The track itself appears to have been written about a love interest of the star, with the track opening with the lines:

“Knew he was a killer first time that I saw him
Wonder how many girls he had loved and left haunted
But if he’s a ghost, then I can be a phantom
Holdin’ him for ransom”

“I’m so very tame now, never be the same now,” she croons in the track. “Let the games begin. Are you ready for it?” she sings in the song which was released on October 23 as the second single from her upcoming album. It is thought that the song references either of her former flames, Tom Hiddleston or Harry Styles.

The single has received positive reviews from critics, who consider it an improvement on her previous release, LWYMMD. It would appear that fans view it favorably too, with it reaching the Top 10 in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, the United Kingdom and the US.