Following the shock revelations about long-time Hollywood director Harvey Winestien’s sexual misconduct, people began to share their stories about being sexually harassed on social media using the hashtag #MeToo to highlight the fact that it’s an epidemic.

The movement was the brainchild of actor Alyssa Milano who wrote on Twitter, “If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘Me too’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.”

Whilst it was predominantly women who shared their stories of sexual abuse, some men used the movement as an opportunity to share their stories too – highlighting the fact that sexual misconduct is not limited to one gender.

One of these men was former child star Blaise Godbe Lipman. He revealed that he had been plied with alcohol and sexually assaulted by someone in the entertainment industry during a business meeting when he was a teenager in 2007.

People began to speculate about who this person was as Lipman had named the agency they worked for – APA. Tyler Grasham, pictured below, was eventually identified by Lipman after he had the audacity to ‘poke’ him on Facebook after his post.

“The ‘poke’ reminded me about Tyler’s harassment after the ordeal. He told me I’d never work in this biz. He’d have his friends drunkenly call me and berate me. I didn’t do anything at the time.

I was young and desperately wanted acceptance within my industry. His threats felt very real.

Although my initial reaction yesterday and today was to not make this about me, there’s no better time. Tyler Grasham is still working at APA, where he’s been representing children and teenagers for the last ten years since this happened.”

Lipman’s claims about Grasham were further substantiated by the fact that he was not the only person to accuse him of sexual misconduct. Film editor Lucas Ozarowski also claimed that the agent assaulted him in January of last year.