The decision to get a sizeable tattoo is not one which should be taken lightly. We are constantly changing throughout our lives, and something which may mean the world to us at 23 could become a bitter regret by the time we are 30.

Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. I have a large tattoo on my ribcage, and I’ve wanted to get rid of it for the past year. The process will not only be excruciatingly painful, but expensive. Thankfully, however, it’s possible because it’s only writing.

Whilst tattoo removals are becoming increasingly effective, the larger a tattoo is, the smaller the chances are of removing it entirely. The color also makes a difference, as there are some pigments which the body struggles to absorb during treatment.

People usually opt for something small as their first tattoo. It’s only after getting inked multiple times that they decide to get a sizeable and extremely permanent piece of artwork inscribed on their skin and that’s exactly what Justin Bieber has done.

The ‘Baby’ singer is no stranger to going under the needle – he was even lectured about his fondness of tattoos by David Letterman in 2012 – and according to UsWeekly he has at least 60 tattoos. Now the skin on his torso is completely inked.

Bieber reportedly spent a staggering 26 hours getting the tattoo, and he had it inked over a three-day period. It’s no secret that the torso is a painful place to get tattooed, so he must have a high pain tolerance to have gotten it done so quickly.